Máy ion hóa nước 7 tấm

Characteristics of ENKION

Price: 1900$ -big sale 1750$

Faucet is available (option: under counter type)
7cell electrodes (100% platinum coated Titanium)
Produces 9 levels of water (4 alkaline water, 4 acidic water, 1 purified water)
Convenient voice automated
LCD display (all visible)
Enhanced 2 step dual filtration system
Incredible pH range from 3.5 to 11.0
ORP: -500 ~ -800 MV strong revivification
SMPS (not Trans type): Max386 w-strong electrolysis power even in the heavy lime- water
Automatic cleaning system
Filter life indicator
100% stainless steel zabara hose
Soft touch sensor




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